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        1. CH JP
          Investing & Energizing Platform

          High tech investment—Based on the cooperation resources of SDIC high tech Industrial Fund and top scientific research institutions, we will focus on the three industrial scenarios, demand mining, docking, and introducing the advantages of external technical resources to realize the industrialization of technology in the interior; Strengthen and expand enterprise technology research and application institutions, support industries and build technological advantages.

          Industrial supply chain investment—Give full play to the business advantages of bulk trade, warehousing and logistics, financial leasing, etc., and provide raw material support, information and business support for lithium battery, materials and other industries; Carry out supply chain finance, factoring, financial leasing, operating leasing and other service support around the purchasing end and sales end of lithium battery, textile, etc., and build a large supply chain platform support from procurement - R & D - production - sales.

          Resources and asset investment—Integrate equity / funds, high-tech industrial bases, real estate and other assets to provide cornerstone support for industrial development.

          SDIC Hi tech Fund

          With the purpose of serving the national innovation strategy and focusing on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, SDIC Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. was jointly funded and established by SDIC Hi Tech and Veken Group. It manages several funds such as the National Science and Technology Major Special Achievements Transformation Investment Fund, with a scale of nearly 20 billion yuan, and won the honors of "Top 20 Venture Capital Investment Institutions in China in the Past 20 Years" and "Top 50 Investment Institutions in China's Hard Science and Technology Fields in 2018".

          • SDIC Venture Capital Series Fund

            The National Science and Technology Major Special Achievements Transformation Fund was launched in 2016, with a scale of 10 billion yuan in the first phase. Focusing on the strategic goal of national science and technology major special achievements transformation, it has achieved the investment layout of high-end general-purpose chips and basic software, large-scale integrated circuits, new generation broadband wireless mobile communications, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence and other strategic high-tech industries.

            The Beijing Tianjin Hebei Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Fund of SDIC was launched in 2016 with a scale of 1 billion yuan, mainly used to support the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, including government science and technology plans and other new technologies, new products, new processes, new materials, new devices and systems generated by public institutions.

            SDIC Hi tech (Shenzhen) Venture Capital Fund, launched in 2016, with a scale of 1 billion yuan in the first phase, focuses on the eastern coastal areas where innovation and entrepreneurship are active, and mainly invests in environmental protection and new energy, medicine and medical health, consumption and information technology, intelligent manufacturing and new materials.

            SDIC (Ningbo) Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Fund was launched by Veken Group in 2018 and jointly established by United Nations Investment High tech and Ningbo Municipal Government, with a fund scale of 2 billion yuan. As the fund controller and manager, WEIKE, relying on Ningbo's status as the first pilot city of Made in China 2025 and the first innovative city of the Ministry of Science and Technology, focuses on investing in and incubating high-tech enterprises such as advanced manufacturing, electronic information and new energy in Ningbo, giving full play to the leading and exemplary role of national scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrial optimization and upgrading.


          VEKEN Industrial Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive platform for VEKEN to implement industrial investment, equity investment and fund management. With more than 15 billion assets under management, dozens of invested enterprises have been listed in A-shares, and the proportion of direct listed and acquired listed projects exceeds 80%.

          • Based on more than ten years of mature investment experience and management advantages, adhere to the two wheel drive of "industrial investment + industrial operation", give full play to the core competence advantages of raising, investing, managing and withdrawing, build a full life cycle high-tech industry investment and operation chain from angel, VC, PE, pre IPO to IPO, industrial operation, merger and reorganization, and industrial withdrawal, and deepen the investment layout in forward-looking, strategic industries, market resources, new models and other fields.

            As one of the top 50 local venture capital institutions in China, the assets under direct or indirect management currently exceed 15billion. Dozens of enterprises invested in Fengfan shares, tengbang international, Julong management, Baihe, Zhichun technology, CAITONG securities, etc. have successfully listed a shares, and the proportion of direct listing and M & a listing projects exceeds 80%.

          National Key Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Projects

          As the managing partner of SDIC, Veken focuses on marketization and industrialization of revolutionary scientific and technological achievements and makes investments in intelligent chips, information security, advanced manufacturing, energy technology, biomedicine and other strategic industries.

          • Smart chip

            Cambricon Technologies(688256):In August 2017, SDIC Venture Capital became a shareholder;it is the first unicorn start-up company in the global AI chip field, focusing on the development of deep learning dedicated chips,with two product lines of terminal AI processor IP and cloud high-performance AI chips.With the world's first deep learning processor architecture,the world's first artificial intelligence mobile phone chip (Huawei Kirin 970 chip) and other eight global firsts,it has been selected as one of the top 50 companies in China's hard technology field.

            Lion-Jinruihong(605358):In December 2016,SDIC venture invested in Lion Electronics;In October 2017,SDIC venture capital invested in jinruihong.In September 2020,it was successfully listed on the main board.Jinruihong,wholly-owned subsidiary,it is the largest silicon wafer production base in China.

          • Information Technolog

            Hyperchain Technology-Bangsheng Technology:In June 2018, SDIC Venture Capital Fun Chain Technology; It was founded by Academician Chen Chun of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the leader of blockchain core technology, the first quasi unicorn enterprise in the industry, and was selected as one of the top 50 star creating enterprises in China's hard science and technology field. In March 2018, SDIC Venture Capital invested in Bangsheng Technology; It is the earliest enterprise focusing on real-time risk control in the financial field in China. It has independently developed a complete set of real-time anti fraud and credit products, and its data processing performance is internationally leading.

            Qi an Xin(688561) : In 2016, SDIC Venture Capital led the investment, and listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in July 2020; It is a leading enterprise in China's network information security industry, ranking first in domestic terminal security, security management platform, security services, cloud security, terminal security software and other market shares.

            21AT (835225): In September 2016, SDIC became a shareholder. 21AT is a service provider in independent remote sensing satellite transportation control and geospatial information big data service. It was the first to launch commercial remote sensing satellite operation and application in China. It has undertaken and successfully completed numerous major projects covering the 863 Program, Key Research Project of Ministry of Science and Technology and Special Industrialization Project of NDRC.

          • Advanced Manufacturing

            AMEC (688012) :In July 2018, SDIC Venture Capital became a shareholder and the Science and Technology Innovation Board was listed in July 2019. It is a global supplier of high-end integrated circuit processing core equipment and one of the leading enterprises in the etching industry with the most advanced technology in the world.

            Xinqi Micro installation (688630):In December 2019, SDIC Venture Capital Ningbo Fund invested and became a shareholder. In April 2021, SDIC Venture Capital officially landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, becoming the first domestic listed company focusing on direct writing lithography equipment. The company specializes in the research, development and production of direct imaging equipment and direct writing lithography equipment with micro nano direct writing lithography as the technical core. It has successively obtained 71 technical patents, and has been approved to establish "foreign expert studios" and "the tenth batch of provincial post doctoral research workstations".

          • New Energy & New Material

            Zhenhua E-Chem Co., Ltd.(870341):A market leader in manufacturing cathode material for lithium-ion batteries. The core product, single crystal ternary anode material is of industry-proven best quality. It provides one third of the anode materials for IPAD globally.

            Farsoon Technology Co., Ltd.: the world's leading industrial 3D printing equipment and materials enterprise, which is founded by Dr. Xiaoshu Xu, a world-renowned leading scientist in select laser sintering (SLS) technology, is the only material manufacturer in the world with independent research and development and production capacity of equipment, materials and software.

          • Ningbo Veken Investment development Co.,LTD.
            Veken Industrial Investment Management Co., LTD.

          High tech industrial base

          • Expand high-tech bases with high-tech funds and projects

            Taking the opportunity of the establishment of local industrial funds by SDIC Hi Tech, aiming at industrial agglomeration, taking the construction of scientific and technological carriers and industrial services as the task, and relying on the six advantages of SDIC Fund, head projects, industrial operations, industrial services, policy support and capital operation, we will continue to cultivate the operation mode of "fund"+"project"+"base", and promote the landing and development of high-tech industrial bases.

            Attract external capital through multiple channels, improve the investment and financing platform, and promote the sustainable development and growth of enterprises and regions settled in the base. At the same time, give play to the capital leverage effect and industrial agglomeration effect, so that the fund can gain capital appreciation by sharing dividends in all sectors of the industry, so that the fund and the enterprises in the base can achieve a win-win situation; Finally, use capital appreciation to boost the three core industries of the Group towards the middle and high end of the global value chain.

          • Ningbo High tech Zone Yunyi Development and Construction Co., Ltd