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        1. CH JP
          Gaoxin IOT Technology

          Focusing on the decentralized and tamper proof characteristics of blockchain, and combining the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other advanced information technologies, we will carry out logistics model innovation such as "traditional industry+Internet plus+logistics" and "Internet plus" efficient logistics.

          It is committed to breaking through the information barriers in the three sectors of trade, logistics and finance in the process of bulk trade, so as to create more efficient and higher value-added bulk trade "new trading services", "new logistics services" and "new financial services".

          To build the first "full link digital platform for bulk trade" based on basic scientific and technological innovation in China, with the goal of becoming a "rookie" in the bulk commodity industry.

          Full Link Digital Platform For Bulk Trade

          • With the warehousing and logistics of the high-tech container company in the bonded area under the VEKEN Group as the core of the concentric circle, build and develop procurement, shipping, logistics and distribution, agency, trading, finance and other related businesses, constantly enrich the associated businesses of the concentric circle, realize the complementarity between the construction of basic resources and business development, and constantly improve the core support and control.

            Taking the opportunity of establishing Ningbo Xincang Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. jointly funded by Ningbo Industry Chain Technology Co., Ltd., a subordinate of Fun Chain Technology, to apply blockchain technology to supply chain management, solve the problem of opaque and unobstructed information in the physical supply chain, get through the underlying data, realize full sharing of information in all links of the supply chain, and achieve group decision-making and group supervision in all links of the supply chain, Eliminate the "bullwhip effect" of purchase orders and inventory in the operation of supply chain business, and help enterprises improve production operation and management efficiency.

            The Internet of Things, AI vision and blockchain are introduced to break through the information barriers in the three sectors of transaction, logistics and finance in the process of bulk trade, and strive to build the first "full link intelligent platform for bulk trade" based on the innovative application of basic science and technology in China.

          Futures / Bonded Warehousing Logistics

          • It has established a complete spot trade chain of bulk materials from foreign upstream resource partners, port warehousing bases, futures delivery warehouses to domestic distribution channels. The port warehousing base is located in the core of Ningbo Zhoushan port, the world's largest port, with an area of more than 200000 square meters. It is the designated futures delivery warehouse of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (PTA), Dalian Commodity Exchange (LLDPE, PP, PVC), and Shanghai Commodity Exchange (nickel), Designated delivery warehouse of Ningbo bulk commodity exchange

          • Ningbo Free Trade Zone Gao Xin Containers Co., Ltd.
            Ningbo Gao Xin Logistics Co., Ltd.
            Ningbo Hao Run He Trade Co., Ltd.
            Ningbo Free Trade Zone Gao Xin Cross-Border Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.