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        1. CH JP
          FiberTechnology & New Materials

          Continue to build fiber technology advantages, and develop into a high-tech new material R & D and manufacturing enterprise with silk screen, automotive fabrics and other industrial textiles and household technology fabrics as its core products.

          Relying on the R & D and design strength of Veken Textile Research Institute, taking advantage of fiber technology, green manufacturing, supply chain and brand marketing, integrating the technology, market and channel resources of partners such as Japan and Switzerland, we will vigorously develop products such as precision wire mesh, automotive fabrics, technology home textiles and functional surface materials.

          In the field of industrial textiles, Veken silk Screen is a leading R & D, manufacturing and sales enterprise of medium and high Enterprise in China; Veken automotive fabrics has developed into a manufacturer of high-end woven jacquard automotive seat fabrics with the largest production capacity and the highest output in China.

          In the field of science and technology and green manufacturing, it has textile industry bases in Beilun, Ningbo and other places, masters domestic first-class green process technologies and processes such as fabric development, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and provides R & D, design ODM services and OEM manufacturing services for its own brands and domestic and foreign first-line clothing and home textile brands.

          In the field of brand products, relying on the industrial chain and the advantages of highly specialized design, manufacturing and marketing teams, we will build home textile and clothing brand products with unique styles, and form strategic partnerships with many international famous brands such as Europe and the United States.

          Industrial Materials

          • Veken Silk Screen

            Veken Silk Screen is one of the key industries cultivated by Veken Group in the field of new materials. Ningbo Veken Silk Screen Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. After more than 10 years of development, it mainly produces high-tension and high-precision wire mesh products with 420 mesh and 460 mesh. It has become one of the most professional R & D, manufacturing and sales enterprises in China. It is the first Sino-Japanese joint venture printing screen manufacturer and a national high-tech enterprise. Its industrial scale, technology, and manufacturing strength rank first in China and top five in the world.

            A 11,000-square-meter “10,000-level purification” standard dust-free workshop is built in Ningbo, equipped with advanced Silk Screen production equipment such as Swiss Sulzer, German KARL MAYER, Bruckner, etc. It adopts Japan's advanced production management model and quality control system, and it is the only domestic Chinese-foreign joint-venture Silk Screen manufacturer that introduces advanced Japanese technology and fully managed in accordance with Japanese style. It has more than 100 wire mesh production patents and world-class testing technology.

            High-end application areas: Veken Silk Screen has the characteristics of high tension, low extension, and better mesh surface performance. It is suitable for 3C touch screens, mobile phone glass covers, solar composite screens, electronic circuit boards and other precision screen printing fields, as well as acoustic filtration and chemical filtration, and other high-end technology fields. Its excellent product performance and perfect after-sales service satisfy the demand of customers in various industries.

          • Automotive Fabrics

            Based on the traditional advantages of textiles, Veken entered the field of high-end automotive fabrics in 2012, focusing on woven jacquard automotive fabrics. It has an integrated advanced production line from pattern design,process selection, weaving, dyeing and finishing to finishing, and the product quality reached international Advanced level.

            Adopting Japanese advanced technology and possessing internationally leading technologies such as flame retardant, abrasion resistance, and extension, the products are produced according to the TS16949 management system of the automotive industry and meet the Japanese JIS standard; The company is currently under the research and development of a new generation of green, Frictional high-tech fabric.

            It has successfully expanded Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other Japanese top car markets, and accelerated the development of high-end markets such as GM and Chrysler in Europe, America and China, and is committed to becoming a top supplier of automotive seat fabrics at home and abroad.

          • Ningbo Veken Silk Screen Co., Ltd.
            Ningbo Ren Feng Home Textile Co., Ltd.

          Green Manufacturing

          • Textile high-tech R & D platform

            Deepening the cooperation with Japan's large-scale fabrics, clothing, special fiber companies in technology, products, raw materials, joint research and development, application of high-strength 8T silk, light technology silk and other new material technologies and processes to improve product technology content; at the same time use Japanese planning, design resources and advantages to enhance the sense of design and brand awareness of fabrics, clothing and other products. Further shape the brand image of high-tech textile products.

            Building Textile Science and Technology Research Institute to lead the development and application research of new textile products, new processes, and new technologies. Enhance the internal application and redevelopment capabilities of various technologies, accumulate own technological advantages, and create own patented technology products, focus on the development of light-tech silk home textiles and apparel fabrics, extra-wide silk protein antibacterial fabrics, 6CNDTEX high-strength silk products, filter technological products such as wire mesh, and functional automobile fabrics to improve the technological content of products.

          • Home textile industry base

            It has the vertical integrated manufacturing capabilities of home textiles ranging from R&D, design, to production, weaving, printing and dyeing, finishing, sewing, etc. It has domestic leading technologies such as jacquard weaving and wide-width weaving, using biological enzymes, cold stacking, low temperature and low water dyeing. It is one of the three major textile printing and dyeing bases in China, and our customers include top home textile brands at home and abroad.

            Applying Japanese advanced technology and fiber technology raw materials, cooperating in the development of high-quality home textile fabrics and products, organizing production in accordance with international environmental standards, meeting industry access standards and national mandatory environmental protection requirements, and passing the internationally accepted OEKO-TEX ecological textile certification, Veken is the first in China "CCIC Ecological Textile" certified enterprise in home textile industry.

          • Garment production base

            With the international advanced printing and dyeing technology and equipment, and special finishing and processing capacity, this base is mainly for the top customers in Japan to provide functional technology clothing fabrics.

            With the capability of flexible and customized production of knitted clothing, it has formed a highly sensitive and rapid response to the market apparel design, development and manufacturing system. Currently, it has a national clothing technology center and owns more than 100 patents in the fields of superfine fiber, ultra-high wear resistance, multi-functional composite finishing and so on.

            We have developed long term cooperation with Japanese company to research and develop international leading light technology yarn, tencel and other special technology raw materials, of which light technology yarn, which adopts air layer twisting technology, is extremely fluffy, and its weight is only 40% of ordinary fabric; Tencel products have strong dry and wet strength, swelling and blending.

          • Ningbo Veken Tuo Kuo Home Textile Co., Ltd.
            Ningbo Ren Feng Home Textile Co., Ltd.
            Ningbo Veken Elite Zhe Dong Weaving Co., Ltd.

          New retail

          • Veken Home Textile

            Veken home textile is positioned as a high-end customized home textile brand, focusing on the concept of "comfortable sleep". Relying on the advanced manufacturing capacity of its own industry, it adopts the domestic leading process technologies such as high gloss finishing, functional finishing and ultra soft finishing of fabrics, as well as ultra-fine high count special fibers and scientific and technological functional fabrics. While ensuring the high quality of products, it has many functions such as antibacterial, mite proof, wrinkle resistant and aromatherapy; Taking "nature is the best designer" as the concept, the design reflects the true mountain and river forms of nature, highlights nature and tastes life.

            It has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Oketex Standard 100 international green environmental protection certification, and obtained the first CCIC ecological textile certification certificate in China's home textile industry. "VEKEN home textile" is a well-known trademark in China and an export famous brand in China.

            It has established a wide range of sales channels and e-commerce networks in the first and second tier cities in China, and has formed an information feedback mechanism from the market end to design, research and development production. It has the ability of personalized customization of home textiles, and its overseas sales have spread to major countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan.

          • Veken Garment

            Relying on the the garment industry base and rapid response of supply chain, Veken mainly produces and sells dynamic and functional outdoor sports clothing and comfortable and close-fitting quality underwear. It adopts the Japanese fabrics of excellent waterproof, breathable, highly elastic and UV-resistant functions.

            Veken operates over 100 physical sales outlets in China as well as online flagship stores in E-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, JD , Vipshop. Veken Clothing also has formed strategic partnership with many international famous brands in Europe and America.

          • Ningbo Veken Home Textile Co., Ltd.
            Ningbo Veken E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
            Ningbo V.K. Industry and Trading Co., Ltd.