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        1. CH JP
          1+3 Development Stragedies

          Focusing on the positioning of high-tech industry investment group, strengthen the investment headquarters, focus on the three major industries of new materials, new energy and new IOT, deepen the reform of strategic operation management system and long-term assessment and incentive mechanism, focus on development, resource coordination and complementary advantages, and strive to achieve the industrial development goals.

          The investment headquarters gives full play to the advantages of investment resources and management subjects, leads the development of three major industries under the guidance of strategy, creates the headquarters investment + management center, and takes high-tech, industrial supply chain, asset resources / equity assets as the enabling focus to support industrial development and build industrial core capabilities.

          Pioneer the green and intelligent technology

          Vigorously develop new materials and energy, optimize the industrial structure, and achieve green and low-carbon development; Scientifically plan the new Internet of Things, promote the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, and realize industrial digitalization; Focus on high-tech investment, continue to expand the scale around the three core industries of the Group, and achieve scale effect; Cultivate and strengthen high-tech bases, stimulate high-quality development vitality, and realize the development of high-tech industrial clusters.

          Invest in the enabling platform of headquarters

          Three core industries